The traditions of India, the Habit’s homeland, represent such a vivid and significant cultural heritage that the family not only strives to keep it alive and well, but has also made it the focus of its business for over half a century.

Faithful to the brand’s Indian cultural roots, Habit has consolidated its editorial status over the last years, with a dedicated range harnessing luxury craftsmanship and decorative merit in a contemporary key. This has paved the way for contemporary carpets, no longer simply vehicles for style and fashion, and for the technical refinement and great aesthetic comfort dictated by increasingly sophisticated decorative schemes. The visionary products of Habit are characterised by individuality and attention-to-detail.

Made from the very best materials, they are crafted by the World’s finest weavers using state of-the-art technologies.

Habit works for chain stores,wholesalers, retailers for their requirements of regular carpets and with international designers and architects for their projects of individual houses, villas, hotels, yachts and offices in all over the world.